Trading Quest

Participate in our Trading Quest at Zero Fees

Learn how to earn right now with an online crypto trading platform.

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Learn and practice trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.


Trade in our bi-weekly trading competitions.


Compete against the traders around the world. Win bi-weekly CryptX. Hundreds of winners each week.

Bi-weekly Competitions

Do you want to learn how to trade crypto?

Try our Trading Platform and win real prizes in CryptX worth €460,000*.

€460,000* in CryptX

6 Digital Assets

4000 + Traders

25 Contests

How it works?

CryptX Financial Ecosystem works on the native CRYPTX Tokens that makes the trading on the platform free of any commission. The value of your assets is yours and will always be though CRYPTX Tokens.

Trading Quest is a world wide Trading competition where you test your trading skills. Our Beta Trading platform is a simulation of the real cryptocurrency trading platform with real-time values from the market that allows you to make virtual trades, risk-free. Compete in Crypto picking contests to win prizes. No Experience needed for beginners.

First, you need to sign up which is absolutely free. A Regular Sign up gets 500 EthereumX, 25 BTCX, 1 Million CryptX, 1500 NeoX, 3000LTCX after the sign up in your account. Start Trading when the competition starts with the virtual currency in your account. Adjust your holdings during the contest. The players with the Highest Net-worth in terms of trade value and profit wins.

Nothing! Companies sponsor our contests for the most part, and for certain parts, you may need to accept the terms of marketing communication from us but you’ll always be able to opt out. CryptX Financial is preparing a revolutionary platform for 10 billion Consensus and we need our customers to get familiarised with our platform.

It’s simple! you need to sign up on our platform, get your KYC done. The CryptX Financial Ecosystem supports 10 coins as of now and just like you have a wallet on coinbase is the same way you create your wallet here, register on CryptX Financial. Enter all the required information asked, and you are set!

– Only one account per customer.

-Customers have to complete KYC before accepting rewards.

-Leaderboard will be updated on a daily basis.

-Do not spam the referral link please use the referral link to refer your colleagues or acquaintances.

-Your score will be determined from a percentage gain as a percentile against the rest of the traders.

-No payments, deposits or monetary transaction is required to participate in the trading quest.

-Do not share your KYC documents anywhere except the KYC page on the profile screen if your account.

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